Nationwide Office Transitioning to Remote Work

Public Health Emergency

We are currently operating on a remote work basis. We ask all to remain patient during this time. As many are aware, the local Court systems has shut down (LA Superior Court) for the next 30 days and all corresponding court dates and deadlines have or are being continued to May or beyond.


We request all communication with our office be completed via telephone or email only. Please do not come to the office without prior notice, approval and an appointment.

Service of Documents

In addition, all parties agree to stipulate to accept service and communications by electronic mail only. We will no longer accept physical deliveries of any type until further notice. If your office has any objection to this policy, please let us know. This is temporary and only for the protection of our staff, you and the general public during this unusual time.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our office.