Pasadena based Estate Planning Attorneys:

Estate Planning is the process of managing disposition of a person’s estate at death to maximize the person’s goals, such as making sure the greatest amount of the estate passes to the intended beneficiaries; paying the least amount of taxes; avoiding or minimizing probate court involvement; providing for and designating guardians for minor children; and planning for incapacity.

Estate planning tools include wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, deeds and powers of attorney including durable powers of attorney. If you have any questions regarding the planning of your estate of management the disposition of your estates, please contact our office for a free initial consultation.

Probate Attorneys in Pasadena, CA

Probate Law is the legal process upon a person’s death of transferring of property according to a person’ will or trust which was established prior to a person’s death.

The probate court will gather all the property of the estate, pay certain debts and distribute the assets.

Probate is necessary when property or assets are not included in a will or trust and require the administration to be transferred to the correct party or parties.

If you have questions regarding the status of property after a person’s death, please contact our office for a free initial consultation.