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What Do States with The Lowest Divorce Rates Have in Common?

Posted on : April 29, 2019, By:  Grace Chang
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Are you thinking about separating or filing for divorce?

In the U.S., you’re not alone- this is a concern that affects plenty of people trying to determine if their relationship is over.

Up to 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce, according to research gathered and presented by the American Psychological Association. Some states have lower divorce rates than others and recent research has attempted to explain why there may be commonalities between these states.

The American Community Survey produced in 2017 found that the states with the lowest divorce rates are Vermont, Hawaii, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. These states have fewer than 10 divorced people for every 1,000 married individuals.

Highest Rate Of Divorces In The US

The states with the highest rates of divorce were Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Idaho. Some of the common risk factors for breakups, according to experienced divorce coaches, are taking one another for granted, keeping secrets about finances and money, and talking to one another with contempt. Those states that do have the lowest divorce rates have a few things in common, including:

  •               Lower stress levels.
  •               Lower student loan debt amounts.
  •               A general strong record for safety.
  •               Fewer people are married to begin with.
  •               Higher average household incomes.
  •               People choosing to get married older rather than younger.
  •               People generally report overall happiness in their life.

If you are contemplating divorce, this can be a difficult situation that requires you to think carefully about your past, present, and your future.

Divorce is never an easy decision to make, but working with a lawyer can give you greater peace of mind about protecting your interests in a divorce.

Legal Action In A Divorce

Because of all the complicated factors involved in deciding whether or not to bring legal action for divorce, sitting down with an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer could be your first chance to evaluate your feelings on formally filing for divorce and understanding the various paperwork and tools involved. Speak to an experienced divorce attorney today to learn more if this is the right fit for you.