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Is Whiplash Serious Enough for a Lawsuit?

Posted on : August 13, 2020, By:  Grace Chang
Chang Injury Lawyers

Were you recently hurt in a serious accident? Some of the most difficult symptoms to detect can be those associated with severe whiplash injuries. The support of a dedicated whiplash injury lawyer is important for filing your injury claim in a timely fashion and giving you the best possible opportunity to recover compensation. Whiplash should not be minimalized as an outcome to a crash.

A whiplash injury can cause the affected victim pain for a significant period of time and make it difficult or impossible for this person to ever return to work or live their life normally as they did prior to the accident.

Whiplash is a neck injury that is associated with a rapid back and forth movement of a neck that frequently occurs in a vehicle accident. Some of the most common symptoms and signs of whiplash includes stiffness, neck pain, and headaches.

Many people who have been diagnosed with whiplash will recover in a few weeks by following a comprehensive treatment plan; using tools such as exercise and medication. However, not every person who sustains a whiplash injury will be able to move on with their life so easily. Some people will have chronic long lasting complications such as pain.

Some people who have sustained a whiplash injury might also experience memory problems, blurred vision, irritability, sleep disturbances, and depression. Rear end collisions are a major cause of whiplash and a diagnosis of whiplash might not be the only issue that effects a patient.

While most people who have whiplash will recover in a matter of a few weeks, others will continue to have pain for months or years after the injury occurs. It is very difficult for a person who has been hurt in a whiplash accident to know how their injury will manifest and how likely it is to follow them. Severe neck pain, headaches, and pains that spread to the arm should be reported to a physician immediately.