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How Do I Get a Witness Statement After My Car Accident?

Posted on : February 13, 2021, By:  Grace Chang

Car accidents can be devastating and life changing, but you may be able to obtain financial compensation for your injuries and other losses you suffered. A witness statement is a powerful tool that can help you do that. 

Here’s how you may be able to obtain a statement from any witnesses that saw the collision. 

Ask at the Scene of the Accident 

If you are not badly injured after the collision, take note of any witnesses on the scene. You can ask them what they saw and to retell their version of the story, or you can get their contact information so you can follow up with them later. 

If you are injured and someone else in your party is able to get witness contact information, ask if they will do so. This can be extremely valuable evidence in your case. 

Communicate with Police 

Police will generally be called to the scene of even minor accidents to take a report of what happened. Often, they will interview witnesses at the scene or contact them later and discuss what they may have seen. Follow up with the officer that responds to your car accident regarding the police report and any witnesses they may have spoken with at the time of the incident. 

Contact Nearby Businesses or Homeowners 

If your car accident occurred near a home or business, it could be beneficial to reach out to the business or homeowners to find out if they saw anything they can provide a statement on. For example, a nearby homeowner may have heard the crash and looked out their window to see what caused the sound. 

Businesses often have security cameras or CCTV that monitors their parking lot, storefront, and nearby intersections. You may be able to obtain footage from their cameras that shows the accident occurring. This is even better than a witness statement and can paint a full picture of how the accident occurred and whose fault it may have been. 

Homeowners may also have doorbell cameras that recorded the accident; it may benefit you to ask around the neighborhood to find out if anyone has any evidence that may be of value in your case. 

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