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What Are the Top Reasons a Green Card Is Denied in California?

Posted on : September 16, 2020, By:  Grace Chang
Pasadena Immigration

A green card, or lawful permanent resident card, allows an immigrant to legally live and work in the United States of America. However, applying and being approved for a green card isn’t a simple process. Often, applications are denied. Here are some common reasons green cards are denied in California and how you can get legal help obtaining a green card. 

You Have Certain Health Conditions

To obtain a green card, you must complete a physical and mental health evaluation. If you are found to have a communicable disease or a condition or disability that would put a significant burden on the U.S. healthcare system, your application may be denied. You may also be refused a green card if you have a mental illness that causes you to be a danger to yourself and/or others. 

You Have a Criminal Record  

If you have a criminal record of any kind, this will not be looked upon favorably when processing your application. However, if you have a record of violent crimes, sex crimes, and other serious offenses, this may cause your application to be denied outright. 

Your Application Was Incomplete or Contains Errors  

One of the most common reasons that a green card application is denied is simply because the paperwork was incomplete or contained errors. Application forms are long and complex, and many immigrants have difficulty understanding what the forms require. If you are able to work with an attorney prior to submitting your application, you can be confident your paperwork will be complete and error-free. 

You Are Accused of Fraud or Misrepresentation 

Sometimes, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will accuse immigrants of misrepresenting information on their green card application. This is considered fraud and not only will your application be denied, you will likely face deportation. If your green card application was refused due to alleged fraud or misrepresentation, it’s essential that you consult with a lawyer. 

When Do I Need the Help of a California Immigration Lawyer? 

Ideally, you’re able to work with an immigration lawyer at the very start of your case. However, you can consult with one at any point during the immigration process. If you’re considering applying for a green card or have applied and have been denied, you need the assistance of an experienced California immigration law attorney. Contact Grace Lea Chang today for a consultation to discuss your case by calling (626) 792-5888.