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Are Fiance Visas On The Decline?

Posted on : July 11, 2019, By:  Grace Chang

What Is A Fiancé Visa?

A Fiancé Visa is primarily known as the K-1 Visa and is a non-immigrant Visa which applies to foreign fiancées Of United State Citizens who want to bring their future spouse to the US. In order to initiate the K-1 Visa process, one must first file a Petition Form for their Fiancé.

Timeline Involved

In order to qualify for a Fiancé Visa, you and your future spouse will need to be married to each other during the course of the initial 90 days from the date that your Fiancé enters the United States. The marriage must occur within those first 90 days in order for you to have the opportunity to obtain the visa.

Possible Additional Factors:

  • Fiancé Country Of Origin
  • Evidence Requested
  • Political Climate
  • Strength Of Petition
  • The workload of the USCIS

History Of Fiancé Visa’s

In the past, Fiancé Visa’s seemed to have been easier to obtain, in some cases taking mere months.  In recent years, however, that trend appears to be on the decline.  This is due to extended timelines on all visas via the new administration.  More scrutiny is being placed on applications which results in longer caseloads. All of the latter is intended to preserve the process and discourage fraud.

While the normal process would take a few months and had upwards of a 99% chance of approval, it is now possible for it to take longer depending on your specific case.  The actual timeline for approval varies from one person to another. You may have heard that a friend of a friend has a sister who was able to obtain their K-1 visa quickly, please do not assume that the journey will be the same for you and your Fiancé. The best way to make an assessment on your situation is to speak to an immigration attorney who can review your petition and help you navigate through the process as efficiently as possible.

Get Help With Your Fiance Visa Application

In order to ensure that the process moves smoothly and in the correct order, it is important that you seek professional advice and assistance from an attorney who experienced in the immigration process. Contact our office for more information on how we may be able to help you.