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What Do I Need to Do Before Filing for Divorce?

Posted on : August 29, 2020, By:  Grace Chang
Grace Lea Chang, Family & Divorce Lawyer

Filing For Divorce

There’s plenty of advice out there on the various steps involved in filing for divorce and what you can anticipate after you initiate this paperwork. But there are also several steps you can take to empower yourself with the right preparation before filing. It can be very difficult to make rational decisions when contemplating divorce.

Frequently, the decision to divorce has been based on negative emotions that can cause you to jump into the divorce process too quickly without considering all of the various implications of your actions. This is why it is recommended that you sit down with an experienced divorce attorney first. The first step to filing for divorce is finding a good divorce attorney.

Make sure that you interview several divorce attorneys before selecting one. Make sure that the attorney you speak with has relevant experience practicing family and divorce laws and is open to forms of alternative dispute resolution if this might be applicable in your case. The next thing to consider before filing for divorce is understanding your financial picture.

Equitable distribution of marital assets and debts can have big ramifications for your life after divorce. In order to ensure that you get your fair share during settlement negotiations, you must know what is owned by you and your spouse as a couple and what is owed. This means gathering relevant documents for your assets and liabilities.

Other details such as proof of income can be extremely important in determining the financial state of the relationship and your individual circumstances. The next phase to consider before filing divorce is making a post-divorce budget. It can be a big adjustment to go from handling things jointly to handling them individually, which is why your divorce attorney plays such an important role in your individual case.

Your lawyer can walk you through what to expect and how to avoid common challenges and problems in your divorce case so that you feel fully prepared for what to expect.