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What Are the Four Types of Child Custody & Visitation Schedules?

Posted on : July 3, 2020, By:  Grace Chang

Custody & Visitation Explained

\Where your child will live and who they will spend the most time with after a divorce is often one of the most significant concerns for parents who are ending their marriage. There are many different types of custody arrangements, and often, they can be further tailored to fit the best interests of the child and the needs of the family. 

Here are the four primary types of child custody and visitation schedules in Pasadena and how you can get help from an experienced attorney negotiating a custody schedule that works for your family. 

50/50 Custody Schedules 

A 50/50 child custody and visitation schedule is the most ideal because it allows for both parents to spend the same amount of time with the child and for the child to be equally raised by both parents. This is often easier to do when a child is young and does not have a school schedule to work around. Studies show that when possible, the healthiest parenting arrangement for children is when both parents have equal custody after a divorce.   

60/40 Custody Schedules 

When a parent’s work schedule or a child’s extracurricular activities require one parent to have more physical custody than the other, a 60/40 custody and visitation schedule may be used. This type of schedule allows for both parents to spend significant time with their child while offering the extra stability of more time spent at one home. 

70/30 Custody Schedules 

A 70/30 child visitation schedule allows the child to have a “home base” where they spend the majority of their time, while still being able to spend the remaining portion of it with their other parent. At this point, a judge may award one parent with sole custody, since the amount of time the child spends with the other parent is moving towards visitation only.  

80/20 Custody Schedules 

80/20 visitation schedules are typically used in cases where one parent is awarded sole physical custody and the noncustodial parent has visitation rights. In some situations, visitation may need to be supervised by a third party. 

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