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Stages That Children May Go Through in a Child Custody Case

Posted on : June 25, 2019, By:  Grace Chang

Divorce and Separations Are Difficult

While a divorce may be one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever have to make, it may very well come down to the fact that staying in the marriage would be even more difficult for you and your children. Divorce is not a decision that one makes lightly so, the probability that you have gone over divorce as an option over a long period of time may be high.  Your children and how a divorce may affect them, are likely a key reason why you have postponed the filing of a divorce.

Parenting Plans In California

Parents who separate or decide to get a divorce should understand that the state of California encourages them to create their own parenting plan. When parents are unable to collaborate or cooperate with one another in order to create their own parenting plan, the process is more likely to take longer as the judge can opt to evaluate all of the elements of your case and make specific recommendations that they believe are in the best interests of your child.

Parents would do well to understand the many important aspects of a child custody case in California to completely prepared for what the court may consider the best interests of the children.

It can be overwhelming for parents to go through the child custody process, but some of the challenges that children face include;

  • Anger because the parents are separating or getting divorced.
  • Denial and shock that the parents will no longer be together.
  • Depression, such as feeling sad or helpless.
  • Bargaining; when promising parents that they will be better behaved or ask their parents to get back together.
  • This is the stage in the process when children begin to talk more openly about divorce or separation and get their own interests and energy back.

Emotionally Support Your Children Through The Process

Helping your child to move through these various phases which are similar to the phases of grief, can be difficult. When you and the other party are not able to get along with regards to creating a parenting plan on your own, it is important to remember the many different ways your children can be affected by this process too. Working together to craft a parenting plan and for the best interests of the children can help show the court that you are capable of cooperating with one another and can make things easier on you as well as your children during this difficult process.