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Employment Discrimination

Posted on : October 7, 2019, By:  Grace Chang

Do You Feel You Were Discriminated Against?

While the year is 2019, these can be difficult times and it is not uncommon to hear or read stories about citizens losing opportunities or not being given due consideration as a result of discrimination. In the state of California, you are entitled to specific civil rights when it comes to the matter of your employment.

Your Right To Hold Employment

You have an unequivocal civil right in the State of California to retain employment without being discriminated against.  If you feel that any of the following were the source of consideration and discrimination, you may be entitled to filing a lawsuit against the employer in question:

  • You feel your race was a factor
  • You feel your religious standing was a factor
  • You feel your sexual orientation was a factor
  • You feel your gender or gender identity was a factor

Document The Incident

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, it is important to document every aspect of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Things to notate:
  • Document the correct and full name of the employer.
  • Correct address and location of the employer.
  • The full and correct name of the employer’s contacts who interviewed you.
  • The date that the incident occurred.
  • Every detail of the interview that you can recall.
  • Any communication of employment both before and after the incident.

Speak to an experienced attorney!

The next important step for you to take is to seek out the advice of an experienced attorney who can walk you through the next steps in filing an employment discrimination lawsuit. The attorney will go over the details of your case with you and review your documentation of the incident.  Once the attorney has reviewed all of the information that you have provided related to the incident of discrimination, they will be better able to advise you as to whether or not you have a good case for discrimination and advise you as to the next steps.

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